Teambuilding Workshops

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Clayworks offers team-building workshops

Whether you are looking for a fun distraction from the status quo or an effective way to strengthen communication, rapport, and teamwork among your group, Clayworks has a solution to fit your needs. There’s no question about it, our team building workshops are fun!


Clayworks can provide the foundation for workplace creativity and innovation through its hands-on artistic experiences, which is customized for different circumstances in a work environment. In today’s technologically driven society, rarely is there an emphasis on making something by hand, or the underlying problem-solving skills that accompany the process. Clayworks is uniquely positioned to encourage its participants not only to get their hands dirty, but also to learn the underlying steps necessary to create a ceramic object or vessel. Participants can transfer these steps into the work environment, learning the importance of planning, observing outcomes, and assessing the final product to improve future results.


Regardless of the size of your group, we will facilitate creative team activities that are guaranteed to elicit laughter, fun and enjoyment. But there’s a purpose behind everything we do: building the spirit of teamwork.


For more details please contact Adrienne Dellinger at 704.344.0795