Studio Information

Studio Information

Clayworks is committed to teaching ceramics in a region rich in ceramic history and heritage.

North Carolina’s ceramics heritage is older than the state itself, and is a window into the history of merging cultures and traditions. Its story is still unfolding, as many accomplished potters and ceramists reside in North Carolina to take advantage of its abundant natural resource, clay. Those people and their family histories, generations-old techniques, heirloom tools, and time-honored vessel forms and glazes, are a wonderful teaching tool, perpetuating another generation of clay enthusiasts in a time when most people are more likely to have basic computer skills than know how to throw a pot on a wheel. Clayworks strives to be part of passing on that tradition, and in the end, improving life for people who might not learn a craft without the dedication and commitment of Clayworks to the Charlotte community and beyond.


Facilities & Equipment
Clayworks currently occupies 15,000 square feet of universally accessible space on Monroe Road.

The facility includes:

Three air conditioned classrooms for instruction, two with ten wheels, work tables, wedge areas and sinks; and a third clasrooms with handbuilidng and sculpture equiptment.
Shelf space for up to 135 students;
Twenty-two studio spaces;
Eight electric kilns, one gas kiln and a salt kiln;
Facilities for raku firing with three raku kilns;
Greenware, bisqueware and glazeware storage shelves;
Two closets for clay storage and other supplies;
A glazing station with a sink and more than 30 cone 5 and cone 10 glazes and a range of mason stains and underglazes;
A kitchen and bathroom facilities for men and women;
A gallery for studio artists; and
Administrative offices.