Board of Directors

Clayworks is governed by a Board of Directors composed of key community and civic volunteers responsible for the ethical, legal and fiscal well-being of the institution. They provide institutional guidance from a policy standpoint, approve an annual budget, and with the executive director insure that the organization adheres to its mission.

Clayworks has a diverse board from the standpoint of individual talents and professional affiliations. Clayworks asks its trustees to engage their personal and professional networks toward the advancement of the organization. Board members are expected to make a financial contribution annually and to participate in the life of Clayworks through attending board meetings and events, and through serving on a committee.

Clayworks promises integrity, authentic programs, and timely and candid communications with its Board.

  • Vince Long, President
  • Janet Levy, Vice President
  • Camille Regano Perez, Secretary
  • Brad Loman, Treasurer
  • Susan Carpenter
  • Herb Cohen
  • Tammy Goodman
  • Lizz Gregg
  • Dan Lewis
  • Richard Louie
  • Janice Travis